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Recommendations from Business Leaders

John T Tate
Program Manager Digital Analytics - Onshore
Blueocean Market Intelligence

I really enjoyed working with Tuhin when I was employed at Blueocean Market Intelligence. He made a lasting impact on me because:

• He's Brilliant. Tuhin, my former colleague, is a highly respected, award-winning thought leader in data analytics and insights in India and around the world. I considered it an honor to work alongside such a brilliant mind to help drive Blueocean's business strategy.

• He's Passionate. We both shared a penchant for being early and on-time for our morning, daily project team meetings. I appreciated and was grateful for Tuhin's supportive leadership and for strengthening our communication channel with the team in Bangalore.

• He Connects. Tuhin is fun to work with. His sense of humor brought welcomed levity to our teams and we all enjoyed those times. Tuhin certainly enriched my journey in the information technology world. He would do the same for your team.

Rahul Dhond
Vice President, Big Data and Analytics
QuantFarm Inc.

I had an opportunity and privilege to work and collaborate with Dr. Tuhin for a few prospective opportunities that we were bidding for. In each of those meetings, I witnessed Tuhin present clear solutions to the prospects' unique problems using multiple Machine Learning models in a hybrid fashion/approach, each of those approaches backed by solid use cases, examples and citations. He always laid it all out, presenting a bouquet of best possible choices for the audience to choose from.

One particular meeting that stands out was with a multinational client in Dubai, with their financial country heads gathered from their global offices. Tuhin presented a multi-prong approach for a very complex currency fluctuation prediction problem in a unique hybrid way; something that was not tried before, much to the admiration of everyone in the conference room.

His strong academic background combined with his experience working/consulting with multinationals across the globe makes him a solid resource for Machine Learning projects across a variety of industries.

I can say without any hesitation that he will be a great asset to any organization that seeks any of his expert services.

Waseem Qureshi
Data Strategy Director at Total Media, London

Tuhin is a brilliant decision science architect. He played a vital role in delivering a couple of very crucial predictive modelling projects for us. His guidance, diligence and well developed technical skills were major contributors to the success of those projects. He is professional, helpful, hands on and has a can-do attitude. He is a valuable asset for us and his presence gives me confidence of delivering our ambitions in the field of statistical and predictive modelling.

Bhaskar Dey
Lead - Solutions and Products at BlueOcean Market Intelligence (Presales and Product Support - Digital and Social)

Tuhin is one the few exceptional folks in advanced analytics that I have seen in my recent years. Tuhin brings lot of business and analytics acumen to one of our teams, working in a very dynamic environment and helping the teams connecting the dots with customer groups. Tuhin has been able to manage the team well, bringing in new thought processes and intellect - at the same time ensuring ongoing BAU work does not get impacted. I would recommend Tuhin for leading any contemporary analytics teams.

Praveen Sathyadev
Digital Delivery Head at Blueocean Market Intelligence

Tuhin is a good friend and colleague (Ex) so my recommendation may seem biased. I call him the crazy mad scientist, who is damn good at his work. He not only brings practicality to the table but also vouches it with his strong data driven decision making skills. He is an absolute fun to work with and commands high respect across all levels. Would recommend him eyes shut. Tuhin is not everyone's cup of tea but is an elite wine for the connoisseur.

Sudhakar Reddy
Global Head Operations - Digital Practice at BlueOcean Market Intelligence

It is a great experience working with Tuhin; he is one of the key members in my Delivery Leadership. He has a great depth in Stats by virtue of his education and work experience which has helped him in managing a very big and challenging engagement. His detailed approach towards any challenge sets him apart from the rest which not only keeps the biases aside but brings the realities in the front which will enable the stake holders to take right decisions at the right time. He can be a good asset to any Organization he works with. 

Vivek Bhanot
Director, Head - Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Management/Governance
VP Bank

I have known Tuhin for a few years and had the chance to work with him closely when we organised a big data & analytics training program in Malaysia. Tuhin is an extremely talented thought leader in data analytics space. He is equally comfortable with traditional analytics techniques & tools as well as more modern and still evolving ones covering a multitude of domains like marketing, credit, risk/fraud, operations, finance, etc. Tuhin is, very often, a sounding board for me when I am considering analytics solutions to business problems. He has got varied interests in his life and there is never a dull moment when having non-work discussions with him. A well rounded personality and a valuable resource if anyone looking to engage his services.

Clarence Wong
Architect - Decision Science

Tuhin's vast experience in Marketing Research coupled with statistical modeling are indispensable assets when delivering Analytics solutions to clients.  He has a keen eye for detail, is passionate and a terrific mentor to younger team members. Working with him has been a rewarding and enriching experience!