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Data Center Managed Services

  1. Objective
    1. To manage and monitor data center infrastructure elements
    2. Includes server, storage, OS, network, database, backup and other DC operations
    3. Use automation tools to deliver efficient services
    4. Ensure continuous delivery without disruption
  2. Business Value
    1. Continuous delivery with improved business SLAs
    2. Higher customer satisfaction
    3. Predictable IT operations cost
    4. Agility and robustness for continuous delivery
    5. Flexible support and pricing model - 9x5, 9x9, 24x7 etc.
    6. End to end SLA management
    7. Productivity improvement year-on- year - with automation and left shift
  3. Scope
    1. Data center management
    2. Server management
    3. Platforms support
    4. Database management
    5. Backup and restore management
    6. Network management
    7. Physical and logical security management
    8. Process compliance
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