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Intelligence Amplification (IA) Powered Management Consultancy

  1. Marketing Consultancy
    1. Business Development Strategy: Market Penetration, Product Development, Market Development and Diversification
    2. SWOT Analysis
    3. Marketing Mix Strategies: Product, People, Physical Evidence, Process, Promotion, Place/ Distribution and Price
    4. Band Positioning Strategies through Multi-Dimensional Scaling
    5. Competition Analysis
    6. Promotional Mix
    7. Business Expansion Strategies
    8. Customer Relationship and Loyalty Improvement Strategies
    9. Social Media Strategies
    10. Pricing Strategy
  2. Strategy Consulting
    1. Turnaround Strategy: Operational Restructuring, Asset Sales, Acquisitions, Internal Capital Expenditure, Managerial restructuring, Dividend cut/omission, Equity issue, Debt restructuring
    2. Competitive Advantage: Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Focused Cost Leadership, Focused Differentiation, and Integrated Cost Leadership/Differentiation Strategy
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